Short stories:

- Emily
- The Journey
- Ghost House
- First Sight
- You Can't Change The Past
- Memories
- Train Zombies
- Disappearance 
- Ice-Blue Eyes
- Same Old, Same Old (part one)
- Same Old, Same Old (part two)
- The Violet Necklace 
- The Ghost of The College


- Promise
- Waiting For You
- Don't You Think It's Funny

Other random posts I'm proud of:

- A series of random, unconnected anecdotes from my childhood
- A good long rant about gossip magazines and some advice for my fellow young female humans
- My favourite TV shows: a typical rambly review
- Six reasons why I really, really don't like chain messages
- Five rules on how to create really awesome characters
- Game review: NCIS Hidden Crimes
- Eating disorders and body image: time for some serious subjects
- Playing Poptropica: Astro-Knights Island, part one
- Playing Poptropica: Astro-Knights Island, part two
- Seven reasons why my cat and I are like sisters
- Quotes and snippets from books I'll never write: deep philosophical stuff + SASS


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