'Bout dis kid

Hey there, random Internet stranger, I'm Andrea (pronounced An-drey-ah. None of that An-dree-ah business, please). Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you feel very welcome here; this is a space for everyone! So you'd like to know more about me, huh? Well, I'll try...

I'm a fifteen(almost sixteen, gulp)-year-old homeschooled girl from London, UK. Quite simply, I love to write. It's my total passion. My head is full of stories and it feels so satisfying to express them using words. I live with my head in the clouds a bit... well, a lot actually, as anyone who knows me would be happy to tell you. I live in my own private little world filled with made-up characters and fantasy worlds. I'm always coming up with *amazing* new ideas for stories... unfortunately I suck at actually turning these ideas into actual coherent pieces of writing with a plot that makes sense. Also, I get bored of working on projects pretty easily so I rarely finish any of my longer stories.
My greatest dream is to one day be a bestselling author (*crosses fingers*).

I also LOVE to read, when I was younger I would honestly take like five books out from the library at a time and read them all within a week... These days I don't have as much time but I still read a lot. My favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, and mystery and adventure too (basically anything that will thrill me!).

I also like dance, I've been doing ballet since I was about eight, and I've recently started doing karate, which is so awesome. 

My dream jobs would be to either be a) president of the world, b) captain of an intergalactic spaceship, or c) a writer. What do you mean, the first two aren't possible?! Killjoy. They're not possible YET, okay? But fine, for the time being I'll take being a writer.

I like to consider myself a maverick. I don't follow trends, I don't care what others think about me, I don't try and change myself to fit in with others. I'm different and damn well proud of it.

At the same time, I constantly fear being judged. Hey, I'm a complex person, okay?

I have a minor obsession with vampires. And spaceships. And spies. (Seriously do not ask.) Hence the blog name.

If you want to know my philosophy in life click here.

Well, that's it about me! Hope you enjoy my blog.

< < A n d r e a  > > 


  1. Your blog sounds so cool and that might be one of the best about pages basically ever. #maverick

  2. you are EXACTLY the older version of me.

    1. Haha, really? That's cool! :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Indigo! Thanks for commenting on my blog :D I also love to read and do ballet. Your blog looks really cool and I'll be back soon! :D


    1. Hey there! It's cool that we have similar interests :) Thank you!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Hello! I finally have found your blog! XD Nice to officially meet you, and I love the style of your blog! :-D
    (Can I be on your intergalactic spaceship? ;-D)

    1. Hey! Nice to see you here XD Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

      Of course you can, I'll need a second in command XD


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