A snippet of (dark) poetry

Last night I was in a really dark mood for some reason, and I came up with this little piece of poetry. It's not quite long enough to be an actual poem, but hey, it's a poetry snippet. Maybe I'll make it longer if I have more ideas. But I thought I'd share it here anyway, even if it's not quite finished.

I’m the one with the tattered heart and the tattered soul and the tattered skin I’m the one with the broken fingers from trying to dig out the grave I’m in
Desperately trying to fight away the demons that want to come barging in But how can I even try to protect myself from something as dark as what comes from within?

Yeah, I was in a really crappy state of mind last night, I don't know what was up with me. But hey, if feeling bad inspires me to write, it can't be all bad can it?
Don't have anything more to say, really, so I'll just leave it at that.

Reasons why I'm a walking paradox - WARNING: Contains Deep Inner Feelings (yes I have those believe it or not)

I love being by myself, I can't bear it when people interrupt me when I'm working on something, but I really, really hate being home alone.

I hate traditions and I really want the world to change for the better, but I'm terrified of changes in my own life. I know change is good, so why am I terrified of it?

Part of me loves being adventurous and trying new things, but another part just wants everything to be the way it always is.

I hate anything girly or feminine, but I really love to dance - something that's typically a "girl thing".

I love coming up with dark, creepy, disturbing stuff, but I won't watch any movie that has anything even mildly inappropriate because it makes me really uncomfortable, even though crap like that goes on in my head all the time.

Sometimes I'm cold and unemotional as heck, I can't get worked up over anything, it's almost scary, but sometimes I create these total dramas in my head out of tiny little things.
Certain …

"Hiding" // Short story

Here's my entry for the Monthly Writing Challenge I'm hosting! (If you don't know what I'm on about, check out this post. I encourage you to take part in it!) Actually, this is one of two stories I'm going to be sharing on September's subject, which is "school". I know, I know. I'm such an over-achiever. Anyway, the reason I'm going to be sharing two stories is that I didn't actually write this one this month, I wrote it back in June as a writing exercise while preparing for my English GCSE, and all I did now was polish it a little bit. It's also quite short. But since it's on the subject of school, I thought I'd share it. Though I want to write something new, too. (If anyone else who's taking part in the challenge would like to write more than one story, you're perfectly welcome to!)

Anyway, enough waffle, here's the story.

“Why are you hiding under there?”

A pair of enormous, luminous blue eyes stared at me curiousl…

Day out in London + life update

Hey guys, time for a life update post, a.k.a a post where I bore my readers senseless by rambling on about myself and my thoroughly uninteresting life.

Last weekend I went on a day out to central London with my parents, here are a few photos I took (sorry my photography is terrible):

I swear to god that slightly curved building wasn't there the last time I visited?? The rate at which buildings are built in London, jeez. It's incredible.
The London Eye! And if you've got super-good eyesight you can just about make out the Big Ben in the distance.

The reason we went into central London was to buy me a pair of pointe shoes, because I'm going to start using pointe shoes in ballet!! I swear I've wanted to use pointe shoes since I was about seven?? But I was always too young, and actually they didn't even have a pointe class at my dance school, until now. 
My pointe shoes, or as my dad calls them, pointy shoes. (My dad is weird.)
I look so awesome in them oh my gosh. I d…

Indigo's Monthly Writing Challenge: September

This is actually going to be a thing I'm so excited!!!

Hey, remember the idea I wrote about yesterday in this post? Well, a few people said they were interested so I've decided to make it into something official. Welcome to Indigo's Monthly Writing Challenge! (I'll probably give it a snappier title later on...)

The idea: at the start of every month, I come up with a theme, such as "music", "friendship", "pets", "summer". And whoever wants to participate has until the end of the month to write a short story on the theme I've chosen.

Here are the rules!


- Anyone can participate!

- There aren't really any rules about what you can write, so long as it has something to do with the theme (that's the whole point of this challenge, after all). I only ask that you keep it clean (i.e. no bad swearing or any content that's unsuitable for kids, you get the idea).

- You can write as much or as little as you like; the…

I've had an idea...

No, no, no, don't run away!! Not just yet! It's not a dangerous idea, I promise!!

So I've had this idea to start a sort of... I don't know what to call it; a tag, maybe? Something that anyone can get involved in?

Basically, the idea is that at the start of every month, I come up with a theme, for example: "music", "friendship", "pets", "summer". And whoever wants to participate has until the end of the month to write a short story on the theme I've chosen. You then post in on your blog/site and leave me a link to it, so I can check it out! It wouldn't be a competition or anything, it would just be a bit of fun.

I originally thought this up as something to do by myself, so I would be motivated to write at least one short story every month, but then I thought, why not see if others want to get involved?

Would you be interested in taking part in this?? Do you know anyone else who might be? I'd really, really, really appr…

"Nightmares": The first chapter of a book that doesn't exist yet

Darkness. Darkness all around.

She sat up sharply, fast enough to make her head feel like it was spinning. She looked around, or rather, she tried to; she was surrounded by a thick, impenetrable darkness, not a sliver of light to be seen.

She felt her pulse speed up in fear, but she forced herself to stay calm. Had she gone blind? No, there simply wasn’t any light. She waved a hand in front of her face, but the darkness was so intense she couldn’t even see that far. How had she gotten here? There had to be a logical explanation for it, she knew. She should move, try and find answers.

She began to crawl forwards on her hands and knees, keeping her eyes wide open for any sign of anything. Her hands kept brushing against soft objects on the floor, but she didn’t have a clue what they were; possibly pieces of fabric? Her heart was hammering in her chest, her throat was completely dry, and she felt the claustrophobia begin to creep up on her; she hated being in complete darkness, always had, …

"The Adventure of a Lifetime", part two: Poptropica fanfiction

I was going to wait a couple of days before posting part two of this, but then I thought, why bother. So here's the second part of my Poptropica fanfiction.

I walk quickly through the forest, assuming that the main street is on the other side. I’ve been on Home Island for about five minutes and it doesn’t seem very exciting so far – all I’ve seen is trees and grass.

I’m tired from my long journey, and I sigh as I trudge along. I’m getting so tired of this, going from island to island – I wonder how long it’ll be until I finally find my home.

The trees start getting thinner, and soon I get to the edge of the forest. The sight in front of me makes me forget my weariness.

I’m standing at the edge of a busy main street. Shops line the road, and people go in and out of them, shopping bags overflowing. Everyone looks so cheerful, chatting and laughing with their friends. In most of the islands I’ve visited there was always a problem, something wrong, but everything here seems…

"The Adventure of a Lifetime", part one: Poptropica fanfiction

I wrote this story last year. It's based on the game Poptropica, which is basically an online role-playing game for kids that I've been a fan of since I was about eight years old. I don't normally write fan-fiction, I prefer to create my own characters, but I read a few Poptropica fanfictions and I was inspired to write my own.

If you've never played Poptropica before then this might sound a bit weird to you, especially the names and stuff. You can check the game out here if you want to! It's aimed at kids, but anyone can enjoy playing it, no matter what age you are (I'm 15 and I still like it, heh). I've written a bunch of other posts about this game that might give you a clearer idea about what the game is like, find them here.

Anyway, enough rambling, here's the story. I'm posting it in two parts, 'cause it's quite long. Enjoy!

The crowd of people gathered around me wave as the blimp starts to slowly rise into the air. I wave back, smiling…

Beauty: why the heck does it matter? A confusing little ramble by your favourite blogger (a.k.a ME, obviously)

Okay so I just want to write a short-ish post about something that I've been thinking about lately.

That something is beauty.

No, this isn't going to be some sort of beauty tips post. Or an essay about what I think beauty means to me.

I want to write about why does beauty matter so much? 

Whenever I visit my family (which isn't often as they live quite far away) they're always like, "oh, you've gotten so pretty now you're older!" or "You're such a beautiful girl!" And I say thank you and maybe go a little bit red because I'm like the shyest person in the whole damn universe, but I can't help thinking, why? Why do they say that? Why do they seem to think that by calling me pretty they're making me feel good and confident about myself? Because well, they're not.

LOOKS JUST DO NOT MATTER TO ME. I don't give a damn whether people think I'm pretty or ugly or whatever. Being called pretty doesn't give me a confidenc…